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Dickson monitoring devices can help in ensuring that your critical environments has the right temperature, humidity, and pressure so that you could maintain the precise manufacturing standards, thus ensuring that your product retains its quality over its lifetime.  

Dickson: Your One Stop Source for Premium Data loggers

and Chart Recorders. 

Dickson is a US based company that has been the source for top quality Data Loggers and Chart Recorders for over 90 years. Dickson Data Loggers monitor and record critical environment conditions – temperature, humidity, pressure, or other electronic signals. The data loggers that Dickson manufactures are designed to make critical data capture worry-free. Their units are reliable, accurate, stable, and most of all easy to use. Because Dickson offers the widest variety of data loggers available in the world, you get to choose the logger features that are best suited for your application. 

The Dickson Brand: Quality Assured 

Wherever data is critical, Dickson technology provides the best solutions for application and regulatory requirements. Since 1923, they’ve striven to incorporate the best and newest technologies into their products to bring you monitoring solutions of the highest caliber. In addition to being the first manufacturer of temperature and humidity instruments to receive A2LA certification, Dickson has built what are arguably the most sophisticated temperature and humidity monitoring applications laboratory in the world, ensuring the continued quality and accuracy of our instruments. Don’t take just our word for it: the majority of Fortune 1000 companies trust the Dickson name and use their thoroughly tested products. 

Best People, Best Practices 

Dickson takes pride in retaining the most brilliant and motivated engineering talent and staff. More than half of their staff are engineers or other technical specialists, and nearly half are involved with new product development, ensuring that the best minds are constantly seeking new solutions for our clients. They are always looking for ways to improve their products and processes for both our clients and the environment.

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