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Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

Data Logging Solutions

Choosing the right system for monitoring your products means that you care for the safety of your consumers through the high quality products you produce. Having the right temperature and/or humidity monitoring system in place can mean the difference between business as usual and failed audit.  

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Covid-19 Vaccine

Monitoring Solution

Our company, offers wide variety of COVID 19 Temperature monitoring solution. It provides turn key solution for ensuring compliance, quality and ultimately public health solutions.

Our temperature monitoring products is capable of measuring and recording as low as 100 Celsius


Food and Beverage Monitoring Solution

Ongoing without food monitoring at any point can be a result of a failed audit, loss of revenue, and even a loss of business license and contract. However, there is a preventive measure to avoid these consequences by choosing the right equipment that can monitor and manage the temperature and humidity at any given time.

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