CurrentX Series

CurrentX Series

The CurrentX Series includes 4, 8, 12 and 16-channel low-level DC current data loggers and are available in three ranges: 30 mA, 160 mA, and 3 A.

The CurrentX Series accepts voltage signals from sensors, transducers and many other common voltage sources. Capable of measuring and recording up to 4,192,256 readings, users have the option to enable or disable channels to maximize memory capacity. There’s no interface necessary, the CurrentX Series uses standard USB-A to Micro USB cable.


Using the MadgeTech Software, starting, stopping and downloading from the CurrentX Series data loggers are simple and easy. Graphical, tabular and statistical data is provided for analysis and data can be viewed in multiple units, using the Engineering Units function. The data can also be automatically exported to Excel® for further calculations.


Memory 4-channel: 1,048,064 readings per channel
8-channel: 524,032 readings per channel
12-channel: 349,354 readings per channel
16-channel: 262,016 readings per channel
(all channels enabled)
Reading Rate 4 Hz to 1 reading every 24 hours
Channels 4, 8, 12, 16
LED Indicators 1 per channel and 2 status LEDs
Battery Life 18 months
Material Black anodized aluminum
Dimensions 4-channel: 2.70 in x 7.25 in x 1.22 in (65.6 mm x 184.2 mm x 31.0 mm)
8-channel: 2.70 in x 7.25 in x 1.22 in (65.6 mm x 184.2 mm x 31.0 mm)
12-channel: 2.70 in x 7.25 in x 1.68 in (65.6 mm x 184.2 mm x 42.7 mm)
16-channel: 2.70 in x 7.25 in x 2.14 in (65.6 mm x 184.2 mm x 54.4 mm)
Operating Environment -20 °C to +60 °C (-4 °F to +140 °F), 0 %RH to 95 %RH non-condensing



Current Range -2 mA to +30 mA, ±160 mA, ±3 A
Max Voltage: Inputs & Ground 3 V
(Common mode voltage must be less than 3 volts. All inputs must be within 3 volts of all other inputs.)
Current Resolution 30mA: 0.0005 mA
160mA: 0.005 mA
3A: 0.001 A
Current Calibrate Accuracy 30mA: ±0.016 mA
160mA: ±0.16 mA
3A: ±0.009 A
Current Input Impedance 30mA: 10 Ω
160mA: 1 Ω
3A: 0.1 Ω