Differential Pressure Recorder

Differential Pressure Recorder

Our new Differential Pressure Recorders incorporate an edge welded rupture proof pressure cell for up to 30% added lifespan and greatly improved linearity.

Differential pressure cell features over-range protection and pulsation dampening to compensate for variations in line pressure, as well as a temperature compensator to protect the unit from drift caused by ambient temperature changes.

The fully mechanical differential pressure cell with dual bellows design requires no power, and is made of 316L SS. Designed primarily for use in the oil and gas industry, differential pressure recorders are also ideal for monitoring flow, filtration, and liquid levels.

The 12" heavy die cast aluminum case is double protected by a corrosion resistant coating and an additional powder coated finish, making it weather resistant even in harsh conditions.

Pipestand mounted, the 524 Differential Pressure Recorder is now available in ranges from 20 to 400 Inches of Water. Up to three additional pens for measuring pressures up to 10,000 PSI or temperatures up to 600°F; mercury free temperature systems are available with up to 10 feet of capillary.