LyoTemp Data Logger

LyoTemp Data Logger



Lyophilization Data Logger. Records Temperatures as low as -60 °C. Utilizes a USB Docking Station to communicate with a personal computer. (USB Docking Station sold separately). Includes ISO17025 accredited calibration certificate.





Temperature Sensor Thermistor
Temperature Range -60 °C to +75 °C (-76 °F to +167 °F)
Temperature Resolution 0.1 °C (0.18 °F)
Temperature Calibrated Accuracy 0.5 °C



Memory 32,767
Reading Rate 1 reading every 5 seconds up to 1 reading every 30 minutes
Single/Multi-Use Multi-use
Battery Life 1 year typical
Material ABS plastic
Dimensions 3.3 in x 2.1 in x 0.4 in, (83 mm x 54 mm x 11 mm)
Operating Environment -60 °C to +75 °C (-76 °F to +167 °F), 0 %RH to 100 %RH, 0.002 PSIA to 100 PSIA
Required Interface Package IFC300
Approvals CE
Weight 0.0880 LBS


The LyoTemp Data Logger is designed for use in ultra-low operating temperatures for processes such as Lyophilization. The LyoTemp has an operating range of -60 °C to +75 °C (-76 °F to +167 °F), and is designed with a hermetically sealed thermistor temperature sensing element in a long thin flexible cable form, making it ideal for monitoring products during the lyophilization process.The LyoTemp data logger offers a smart, affordable solution for a wide range of applications including the preparation of biological pharmaceuticals, monitoring plasma and red cell freezers.


The compact size and simple operation make the LyoTemp user friendly and reliable. The LyoTemp has three LED indicators to alert or inform the user of the logging status and manual start and stop options available at the device. Other features of the LyoTemp include delayed start configuration, real-time recording, user configurable alarms and password protection.


Important Service Notice: To ensure optimum product performance and user safety, the LyoTemp data logger can not be serviced for calibration or battery replacement. As an alternative MadgeTech offers a product exchange program, please call for details